Hi. I’m David Mellinger, M.S.W. My site will help you decide about psychotherapy with me. Here you’ll also find thought-provoking material about anxiety and valuable information about cutting-edge techniques for overcoming anxiety disorders.

CBT- Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Offered by David Mellinger

In my private psychotherapy practice, as well as in clinical settings, I treat a rich diversity of people, ranging in age from the late teens to mid-90s, for every kind of anxiety disorder, depression and other mood disorders, and problems with relationships. I’ve helped a great many men and women overcome panic disorder, phobias (including freeway phobia and fear of flying), generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, and OCD.

I combine cutting-edge CBT- cognitive-behavioral therapy with psychodynamic psychotherapy to tailor treatment to each person’s needs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the term for a group of psychological treatments based on scientific evidence that have proven effective in treating many psychological disorders, including most anxiety disorders. CBT is vital, strong therapy driven by science and research, shaped by people’s emotional needs and wishes for a life of well-being.

I bring exceptionally extensive, sophisticated knowledge of the latest psychological science to my work. I’ve published nine articles and chapters on anxiety, panic, mindfulness, anger, and depression in scholarly journals and taught anxiety treatment strategies to mental health professionals nationally and internationally. With distinguished psychologist Steven Jay Lynn, I co-authored the critically acclaimed, evidence-based self-help book, The Monster in the Cave: How to Face Your Fear and Anxiety and Live Your Life (2003, NY: Berkley Books). My current work focuses on developing cutting-edge techniques and self-help strategies for overcoming everyday worry, anxiety, and the tendency to worry yourself sick.

In 1985, I took part in establishing one of Southern California’s first anxiety disorders treatment programs in which men and women immobilized by phobic fears or terrorized by panic were able, for the first time, to drastically relieve their anxiety and panic and revitalize their coping abilities. Between 2010 and 2014, I developed and trained my colleagues to implement the intensive anxiety workshop program used at the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program at the Kaiser Permanente Sherman Terrace Psychiatry Clinic in Reseda– the Fundamentals of Treatment of Anxiety Workshop (FTAW).. A rich integration of mindfulness- and acceptance-based techniques with more traditional CBT-cognitive-behavioral therapy, FTAW helped many people reduce their anxiety and engage more fully in what they care about the most.

As a longstanding mindfulness meditator and student of Buddhist psychology. I’ve been very curious (and often rather frustrated) about “our minds going around in circles” during meditation. This phenomenon is related to the strong, elemental role of “sticky thinking” in psychology and psychotherapy – blends of over-thinking and intense, negative feelings that are often at the core of anxiety, worry, depression, and panic. I’ve developed and integrated evidence-supported mindfulness- and acceptance-based strategies for overcoming sticky thinking into potent psychotherapy for anxiety and mood disorders.

I endeavor to express my natural warmth and empathy with each person I work with. I feel great satisfaction and deep gratitude that I can enable people to mobilize their valor and often to overcome great difficulties and move forward in caring for their lives. If you would like to discuss entering therapy with me, call (818) 716-1695 or email

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