Anxiety is a Sticky Business

Anxiety is a Sticky Business: Mindfulness for Coping with Anxiety

Only the things we care a lot about cause disturbing anxiety. Most of us can easily turn our minds from thoughts of ceiling fans or paper clips, but intense anxiety, gripping worry, and panic are different. They impair our ability to take part in important relationships, impair us at work or school; or rattle our brains about finances or health. These anxious states of mind are “sticky” mental states that can grip us like Superglue, addle our wits, and defy our valiant efforts.
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Anxiety and Depression Are Driven by Sticky Thinking

Sticky thinking is the culprit

Sometimes we indulge in just a moment or two of worry or feel a little down.   But when we’re having problems with anxiety or depression, we might discover that negative thinking has gotten a grip on us.  Then it can really make us uptight or bring us down.
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