Don’t Worry Yourself Sick

Chronic and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Therapy


End Perpetual Worry!!

Chronic anxiety needn’t last a lifetime.  Generalized anxiety and other anxiety conditions characterized by intense or relentless worry or obsessing are very treatable.  Many people improve greatly or overcome chronic anxiety entirely with the help of a therapist who specializes in treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – I specialize in generalized anxiety disorder therapy as well as other disorders that involve excessively anxious thinking and intense underlying fears or dread.
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Coping with Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety is the sense of threat we feel when danger is coming. Whether imminent or in the future, real or imagined, disturbing anxiety may result in anxiety or panic attacks or develop into an anxiety disorder. Anxiety attacks are panic attacks with milder symptoms and a lesser sense of being out of control. Uncertainty about the likelihood of harm and apprehension about the damaging potency of what we fear will intensify anxiety.
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Anxiety is a Sticky Business

Anxiety is a Sticky Business: Mindfulness for Coping with Anxiety

Only the things we care a lot about cause disturbing anxiety. Most of us can easily turn our minds from thoughts of ceiling fans or paper clips, but intense anxiety, gripping worry, and panic are different. They impair our ability to take part in important relationships, impair us at work or school; or rattle our brains about finances or health. These anxious states of mind are “sticky” mental states that can grip us like Superglue, addle our wits, and defy our valiant efforts.
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